28th International Food Exhibition
24–27 September 2019 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia


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How green is my diet? Organic food in Russia

Healthy eating is currently en vogue in countries all around the world. Russia has been a little slow to get off the organic blocks initially, but now the market is picking up with gusto – so pay attention exporters!


Russia food & drink market update July 2018

The World Cup is nearing its final stages in July 2018 – but the Russian food and drink industry will continue pumping out foodstuffs and news stories long after the tournament is over. Let’s dive into the sector once more for a roundup of July 2018’s new stories.


Russia street food World Cup spotters’ guide

With the FIFA 2018 World Cup group stages coming to a close at the time of writing, we’re halfway through the tournament. It’s been an action-packed fortnight of football – but what about the food?


Russia and Serbia: the state of the food & drink trade

Serbia is well placed to enjoy a thriving food and drink trade with Russia. It holds a number of advantages over other European countries, and produces what Russian consumers want in large quantities.


South Korean food in Russia

At each edition of the WorldFood Moscow international food and drink exhibition, brands from the Republic of Korea are always well represented. South Korea’s culinary charms are gaining traction worldwide – and its next destination is Russia.

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