28th International Food Exhibition
24–27 September 2019 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia


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Russia food & drink market update: May

May in Russia’s food and drink industry brings some interesting news, including a new product line from a true gourmand, World Cup news, and a welcome return to the market for some old Turkish favourites.


German food & drink’s place in the Russian market

Germany exports more food and drink items to Russia than any other EU nation – and sanctions don’t seem to be diminishing Deutsche dominance. Compared with other countries, Russia’s import market is far from closed to German produce.


Infographic: Confectionery in Russia: a sweet treat growing sweeter

From the sticky to the chewy to the chocolaty, Russians love a sweet treat. That’s why confectionery is big business in the world’s largest country, and the sector itself represents a great space for foreign firms to expand their international market share in Russia.


Russia food & drink market update: April

2018 continues to be an interesting year for the Russian food and drink market. Join us as we review some of the latest trends and stories coming from the country right here.


5 grocery sectors to watch in Russia

WorldFood Moscow covers the big food groups, like meat and dairy and fruits and vegetables – but it also includes everything else. Grocery and staple food producers are an essential part of the show’s makeup.

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