27th International Food Exhibition
17–20 September 2018 • Expocentre, Moscow, Russia


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Confectionery in Russia: a sweet treat growing sweeter

Who doesn’t like confectionery? From East to West, sweets, chocolates, and candies dance across the palates of millions of happy consumers – and Russia is no stranger to the sweeter things in life.


How does Indian food & drink fit into Russia?

Like Russia, India is a major player when it comes to global food and drink supplies. Both nations have much in common – and a strong trade relationship that is heightening year-on-year.


WorldFood Moscow: Convince your boss to exhibit

Your boss may be aware of Russia’s ongoing food sanctions and they might think that’s reason enough to remove the Russian market from your export plans. If this is the case, suggest they take a rethink because Russia remains one of the world’s top food and drink import markets.


North African producers: Russia is your next food & drink market

Russia’s quest to replace EU produce in its supermarkets, and on its tables, is a global one. North African states, already solid trading partners, are well poised to fill many of the gaps left by Russia’s embargo on EU-sourced goods.

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