28th International Food Exhibition
24–27 September 2019 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

WorldFood Moscow 2017: the Russian Food Market Tending Towards Brisk Growth

Press release

The World Food Moscow International Food Exhibition is announced to be held for the 26th time on September 11 to 14, 2017 at Expocentre International Exhibitions and Conventions in Moscow. The event is organised by ITE Group which is the leader of the Russian exhibition services market.

The Russian agroindustrial complex has been going through the period of active growth. The ongoing food embargo has promoted the formation of welcoming environment encouraging agroindustrial and food businesses to boost, whereas companies aspire to enter new market niches. Russian manufacturers are actively increasing their own production in their conventional business areas, as well as in new ones. The agroindustrial complex of Russia is growing for the third consecutive year and is the drive to the entire national economy.

The WorldFood Moscow Exhibition gives a perfect opportunity for domestic companies in showing their products, expanding the sales market and finding new partners. Meanwhile, foreign companies can enjoy a chance not only to offer Russian manufacturers high-quality raw materials for foods but also to gain success in finding partners for establishing joint food production businesses to treat Russian consumers with the products of which they have never heard before. In addition, they can also offer Russian importers ready products to expand the range of food and beverages.

This year, the WorldFood Moscow Exhibition will be the gathering place for upward of 1500 Russian and foreign food and beverage suppliers from 64 countries of the world.

Russian manufacturers and distributors occupy almost half of the exhibition halls overwhelmed by exponents of Russia’s participants, such as Agro-Belogorye, V.I. Lenin Fishing Collective Farm, Petrovskie Nivy, Myasnoy Soyuz State Company, Tovarishch Myasoff, Lina, Russian Fishing-Industry Company, Tropic International, Nevskaya, Food City, Azbuka Kachestva, Belevskaya Pastilee Manufactory, Nevsky Konditer, Union of Penza Confectioners, Fort Trade Food, Barco, Moremaniya, Carat Trading, Maguros, Ochakovo, Chetyre Sezona, Klin Snack, etc.

Some manufacturers being vivid representatives of Russian regions, such as Vladimir Region, Novosibirsk Region, Republic of North Ossetia Alania, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Penza Region, and Stavropol Territory are grouped to show their products to share joint exposition stands.

For the first time at the WorldFood Moscow Exhibition these food presentations have been arranged: the “Fruits/Vegetables/Berries” stand in the lower gallery of Pavilion 8 (the project sponsored by the Radumlya Wholesale Distribution Centre) and the “Farmer Cheeses” stand in Pavilion 3.

The partner country of the exhibition this year is Azerbaijan, which for the first time will present the “Made in Azerbaijan” national stand. Over 30 companies have been united in one exposition to offer a variety of products: from fresh agricultural products to canned goods, from natural mineral water to various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, teas, nuts, dairy products, pastry and much more. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste local wines and appreciate the ancient Azerbaijan winemaking tradition. The collective participation of Azerbaijan delegates has been organized by the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan.

The largest national pavilions from among the foreign participants this year will be represented by Algeria (dried fruits, spices, sweets), Argentina (fruits and vegetables), Egypt (all foods), India (tea, rice, spices), Italy (pasta, coffee, jams, wine, olive oil and other food), China (all foods), Korea (fish, seafood and other foods), Morocco (fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables), Turkey (fruits and vegetables, sweets), and South Africa (wine, tea, canned food).

Vietnam manufacturers (pepper of all sorts, tea, fruits), Philippines (banana chips, fresh mango, juices) will participate for the first time in the national expositions. Special attention should be paid to the national pavilion of Japan, where Japanese apples, tea, sauces and high-quality Japanese beef will be promoted on the Russian market for the first time.

According to statistics, the exhibition is attended by upward of 30 thousand visitors yearly. The WorldFood Moscow Exhibition can be helpful for experts in addressing various business challenges: finding new suppliers and partners, purchasing the products negotiated at this exhibition, and also getting acquainted with new products on the Russian market.

The majority of exhibitors to WorldFood Moscow are specially eager to establish communication with purchasing specialists of trading networks that decide on the delivery of various products to the shelves of domestic stores. For more than a year now, the Retail Centre has been functioning to encourage more effective business contacts of exhibitors with retailers at the WorldFood Moscow site, where representatives of suppliers can conduct direct negotiations with representatives of trading networks. Federal trading networks and regional representatives of manufacturers are participants to the Retail Centre events, deriving an opportunity to present their products to category managers in charge of procurement, as well as to be advised on cooperation with a particular network of interest.

WorldFood Expert Studio

This year, a new information project will be launched for the first time within the scope of the exhibition - the WorldFood Expert interview studio, intended not only for journalists, but also for exhibitors and visitors. The general partner of the project is Vedomosti newspaper.

In attending a series of blitz interviews of this discussion project, heads of government agencies operating in the agroindustrial complex, heads of food manufacturing companies, representatives of foreign trade missions will be able to raise acute issues of the Russian food market, express their views and vision of the prospects of its growth and discuss the state of affairs in various food categories. Peer discussions will be held every day, with broadcasts of their outcomes on the exhibition website enabled.

Business Programme

Businesses of today draw on the new conditions extending not only to business climate, but also to the priorities of manufacturers and suppliers, and consumer expectations. Today’s Russian consumer has not yet revived his purchasing potential, again he chooses high-quality environmentally friendly products. In the new post-crisis reality, e-commerce is actively developing and new formats of trade are emerging.

What are the ways for the state and business joint attempts to indulge into a new market reality, how to maintain the product quality vs. cost balance, what trends in the market will gain momentum - these and other issues will be raised by experts during the “Russian Food Market: A New Reality” Central Podium discussion scheduled for the opening day of the exhibition on September 11th. It will be attended by representatives of the state, business and retail. The session will be moderated by Maxim Protasov - Head of ANO Russian Quality System (Roskaschestvo). The event will be wrapped up by a ceremony of presenting high-quality Russian Quality Mark products to domestic manufacturers.

Once the exhibition has been opened, the “Healthy Nutrition: Viewpoint of the State, Manufacturer, Retail Sector and Consumer” conference will commence. The discussion will be focused on developing the National Strategy of Healthy Lifestyle and its impact on the food market. Later in the day, the International Conference on Aquaculture will be held as part of the business program of the FishTech International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Fish and Seafood Cultivation, Production, and Processing. Vasily Sokolov - Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery will participate in the conference.

The Business Programme of September 12th will be devoted to discussions of the current state and potentials of dairy industry, vegetable and fruit market, fish food and the practice of marketing tools in retail.

The “Dairy Industry: Steps of Forward Development after the Embargo” conference will be committed to the issues of advancing the world dairy market and Russia’s embargo suffered dairy industry, the forthcoming changes and aspects of Russian consumers’ behaviour in modern conditions. Speakers will also discuss the introduction of electronic veterinary certification (EVC) necessitated in conditions of mass falsification reality. The conference will be attended by Artem Belov - Executive Director of SOYUZMOLOKO,

Tatyana Gerasimenko, Director of Customer Relations at IPSOS, manufacturers of dairy products, and farmers. The event is moderated by Marina Petrova - General Director of Marina Petrova Five Consulting.

In the course of the “Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Food Group: Seeking for a Growth Path” conference the experts relating to this market sector will have a chance to discuss all segments of the fruit & vegetable food group and stages of the “field to table” commodity chain.  Alexey Alekseenko - Assistant to the Head of Rosselkhoznadzor; Petr Chekmarev - Director of the Department of Plant Production, Chemicalization and Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia; Alexey Krasilnikov - Executive Director of the Potato Union, representatives of vegetable crops’ producers, heads of wholesale distribution centres, food group buyers from retail chains and other specialists can be met at the conference. The conference will continue on September 13th in the format of the “Berry Prospects” special session

The “Marketing Tools for Retailed Food Groups” conference will be of interest to specialists from a practical point of view. Here practical cases and trends of retail customers’ behaviour changes will be discussed in detail.

The same day the “Technical Regulations On Safety of Fish and Seafood” round table will be held. This event is traditionally assisted by the Fish Union. The core of the discussions between fish processing industry specialists is the new industry-specific technical regulation. The opinions of producers (Elena Kotlyarenko - representative of the All-Russian Association of Fisheries Enterprises, Entrepreneurs & Exporters (VARPE) and Head of the Quality Assurance Service of JV Santa Bremor), retailers (Natalia Sommer, Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee of the ACORT Association of Retailers) and oversight authorities (Nikolay Vlasov - Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor) will be expressed.

September 13th will be the day of the 4th All-Russian Conference “Suppliers and Multilevel Retail: Effective Liaisons Practice”, where delegates will receive the fresh analysis on agrarian commodity markets, price forecasts and trends for the 2017-2018 agricultural year, learn about trends in world consumers’ behaviour and compare it with a portrait of a Russian buyer. Dmitry Shulgin - General Director of Ipsos Comcon will present a global overview of the world trends 2017, and Ivan Fedyakov - General Director of Infoline LLC will communicate the outcomes of the analysis of growth dynamics of TOP-20 Russian trading networks.

As part of the WorldFood Moscow Exhibition, there will be the annual independent “Product of the Year” tasting contest held regularly with observance of Russia-wide general food quality and safety requirements. The tasting commission will select the best products to be awarded with grand prix, gold, silver and bronze medals. Winners’ awards are a sign of quality for consumers and vendors. This year more than 250 product samples are presented for the “Product of the Year” competition.

The “Showcase of New Products” competition will be held for the 8th time, with winners to be selected by votes of the visitors to the exhibition venue. This year, 11 applications were submitted for the contest in various food product categories. All foods will be presented in the “Showcase of New Products” zone over all days of the exhibition.

For the first time within the WorldFood Moscow Exhibition there will be a competition among tea professionals - Tea Masters Cup Moscow. The “Tea, Coffee” pavilion will open its doors before tea industry professionals who will unveil the secret of tea arts to judges and spectators. The competition will fall into three categories: Tea Making Mastery, Tea Composition Mastery, and Tea Tasting Mastery. The winner of the Moscow qualifying round will get the right to compete in the Tea Masters Cup Russia national competition.

Simultaneously with the WorldFood Moscow Exhibition, Pavilion 7 will be the venue for the FISHTECH International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Fish and Seafood Cultivation, Production, and Processing. It is a specialized exposition for the fishing industry that represents the entire production cycle in areas including fisheries, aquaculture and fish processing, as well as allied industries, i.e. storage, transportation and packaging of fish and seafood.