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28th International Food Exhibition
24–27 September 2019 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

WorldFood Moscow 2018: 5 Exhibitors to Watch… Confectionery

In 2017, 24kg of sweets per capita were consumed in Russia. So, what better place to network with exhibitors in the confectionery sector, than at WorldFood Moscow?
WorldFood Moscow 2018: 5 Exhibitors to Watch… Confectionery
Take a look at the five companies below in order to explore a brief taste of the multitude of products on offer at 2018’s event.
As previously mentioned, Russia consumes a phenomenal number of sweet treats a year, retaining the position of third largest confectionery market in the world. 
WorldFood Moscow once again is not an exhibition to miss. Be sure to visit the five stands mentioned and prepare yourself for finely crafted sweets, chocolates, and treats from 5 global manufacturers. 

Visit these 5 confectionery manufacturers at WorldFood Moscow 2018

Grand Candy - Armenia - Pavilion Forum – Stand F477
Recognised as the largest enterprise in the industry in Armenia, Grand Candy are the producers of over 400 different products including coffee and ice cream! In Transcaucasia, Armenia, Grand Candy are the only factory to process cocoa beans, ensuring the highest of quality and use of only natural ingredients in their products. 
The cocoa and dairy products are fresh and locally sourced, and the fillings for the brand’s confectionery products are made from fresh fruits. Every day of production the staff and the owner of Grand Candy approach their work with one motto: “Our quality is our pride”. 
To taste this sensation in practice pop along to stand F477, in the Pavilion Forum and try some of their delicious products at WorldFood Moscow. 
Luigi Zaini Spa - Italy - Pavilion 2 Hall 1 – Stand C453
Luigi Zaini the founder of the company had a dream, which was to be able to satisfy any wish for something sweet. From this dream the entrepreneur maintained an attitude towards his work stating, “Everyone is different, so why aren’t we creating lots of different chocolates and sweets for each different person?”
Just over a century later, Zaini is an established confectionery brand providing a range of different sweet treats to over 50 countries. Its most famous product, created almost 100 years ago, the Emilia chocolate bar contains the perfect balance between the very finest quality ingredients.
Luigi Zaini believed Emilia produces the best chocolate desserts and sounds like a product not to miss.
Cofradex Aps - Denmark - Pavilion Forum – Stand F505
Looking for a product to sweeten up your desserts, then pop along to Cofradex Aps the producers of Pure Canadian Maple and Agave Syrup. 
Established in 1972 in Denmark, the bottling plant, warehouse and office is now situated in Copenhagen run by the Vermont family. Cofradex distribute their organically harvested products globally, whilst obtaining the highest level of quality control attainable.  
Alongside this, the brand also offers an organic vegan pancake mix and maple sugar, both products that are worth checking out. 
Izobilie - Russia - Pavilion Forum – Stand F659
Izobilie ensure the freshest production of sweet treats, from sugar cookies to gourmet homemade cakes two of their most popular products. 
With over 300 items of confectionery products made with top grade raw materials to a distinguished level of quality, the company pride themselves with an individual approach to each of their customers. 
Izobilie can tailor orders to suit the customers preference using modern equipment provided by well-known domestic and foreign suppliers, giving it, a bespoke service rarely found with other confectionery companies.
S.A.Peiffer Augustin - Augustin's Waffles - Belgium - Pavilion 2 Hall 1 – Stand C171 (Part of AWEX)
Founded in 1926, Augustin’s Waffles are a family owned, and run business that has been baking for many generations. 
The Peiffer family initially owned a bakery in the village of Membach, part of the Baelen entity in Belgium. However, in 2002 Augustin Peiffer decided to develop Augustin’s waffles - a concept he dedicated for export. 
Augustin believes its product deserves as much attention as any other Belgian speciality. Due to their international export Gaston Peiffer states: “Someone eats a waffle everywhere in the world, at any time of the day and night.” At WorldFood Moscow you could be one of those people. 

This is only a taste of the action on offer an WorldFood Moscow. Discover more at the show!

1,516 companies from 62 countries, and 44 national pavilions will be at this year’s events.  
WorldFood Moscow offers brands across all sectors of the food and drink industry from tea and coffee, fruit and vegetables as well as dairy products. 
This year WorldFood Moscow is celebrating its 27th International Food Exhibition, so come and join the celebrations.