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24–27 September 2019 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Tea & Coffee in Russia: Your handy market infographic

Tea and coffee in Russia is big business – and business is booming. Imported varieties play extremely well on the Russian market, thanks to the population’s nigh insatiable thirst for such drinks. Check out this infographic for a market breakdown.
Tea & Coffee in Russia: Your handy market infographic
While tea is a relatively mature market, there remain supply gaps waiting to be filled. Russians are the biggest tea importers in the world, and its people are amongst tea’s highest consumers per capita too.
Coffee, meanwhile, is comparatively underdeveloped against the tea segment, but contains stellar growth potential for international supplies.
Here are at WorldFood Moscow, we’ve put together this handy infographic breaking down the Russian tea and coffee market. Check it out today to get a flavour of the business opportunities in this sector – and the sheer demand for those products throughout the Russian Federation.